Crazy for Clairette

Clairette Blanc is a white grape from the South of France that has been in continued decline. Used mostly as a blending grape in the regions of Languedoc and Provence, it finds itself susceptible to many issues that dog the winemaker. Then why are we at Vino so crazy about Château de Roquefort Clairette 2009?

Raimond de Villeneuve (left) takes great care to bring this lesser-loved variety to life by planting his vines at a 1000-foot altitude, allowing for a longer ripening season. By doing this, the wine retains acidity and freshness while having time to develop complexities that it normally would not. He also uses all natural methods in the vineyard, tending to vines that range from 15 to over 40 years old.

The result is a dry white wine that expresses balance and elegance, a far cry from any other 100% Clairette whose path you may cross. Try some while the summer is still here: it may make you crazy too!

Château de Roquefort Clairette 2009

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The wines of Roquefort are well in keeping with the temperament of its owner. For these are not “serious” wines. They are wines for people who seriously love to drink wine – not for sipping, sniffing and hours of “umming and ahhring”. True they possess the structure, content and balance of “serious” wines, but above all the word pleasure comes to mind. These are wines one just cannot get enough of. And so on… let’s open a bottle. Hurry up, I’m thirsty.

–Tim Johnston, Juveniles, Paris

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