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Lini 910 "Labrusca" Lambrusco Bianco NV (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Fabio Lini, the enologist at Cantina Lini, makes this wonderfully light, bright Lambrusco by not allowing any contact with the skins during fermentation. His Labrusca Bianco was inspired by the wines that local farmers made in Fabio's youth. Labrusca Bianco "has a scent of red apples and white grapes," writes Ray Isle, wine editor for Food & Wine Magazine, "and a racy zestiness that makes it an ideal aperitif wine." "Labrusca" is the Etruscan name for Lambrusco which comes from the Latin "labrum," meaning "edge": it is believed that Lambrusco grapes grew naturally along the edges of fields cultivated by the Etruscans for other crops.

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Lini 910 "Labrusca" Lambrusco Bianco NV (Emilia Romagna, Italy)