Bender's Small Batch Rye Whiskey NYC Edition

Bender's Small Batch Rye Whiskey NYC Edition

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The Big Apple

Created in honor of our first foray into the Big City–and worthy of a damn good Manhattan. Call it a modern whiskey mashup: 51% eight-year-old rye and 49% seven-to-13-year-old corn, with some of the whiskeys aged for an additional 14 months in Missouri-sourced Joe Hoffmeister American oak barrels. We also aged some of the 13-year-old corn in French Limousin oak. The source whiskeys hail from two different distilleries in the same region, but with different stills and different styles.

Tasting Notes

A rich mouth feel with a high enough viscosity to shine in fruit-based cocktails. Rich stone fruit flavor with hints of vanilla and nutmeg. Spicy dry finish with sweet notes on the front of the palate.

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