Blat Vodka 750ml

Blat Vodka 750ml

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BLAT is the purest vodka in the world. Produced on the basis of a secret process, its creators, the Brothers Esteban and Fernando Banus, have succeeded in producing a unique vodka 100% free of impurities.

After years of research and an innovative process the secret E+ F you obtain a product that is unique, premium and exceptional.

The brothers are the ones who following an artisan method eliminate the impurities from the fermentation process and produce a vodka that is free of impurities, something that had not been achieved so far. They also monitor the outcome of each bottle personally and guarantee the exceptional quality of the units which are produce annually.

Its distillery in Gran Canaria is witness to the final mix, the best kept secret of the Atlantic.

The obsession of its creators of producing the purest vodka and their knowledge of the world of distilling has led them together with their secret process E+ F to produce the only vodka in the world with no impurities. It is the final mix, made only with two ingredients: water and alcohol.The rest is up to you.

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