Ask Our Knowledgeable Staff about Shopping for Your Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

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Ask Our Knowledgeable Staff about Shopping for Your Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

If you're planning a wedding wine box ceremony, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to suggest a bottle that will live up to your dreams. If you're still trying to decide if this trend is for you, we're also delighted to provide a little more background.

A wedding wine box provides a lasting reminder of your wedding day. It's also serves as a unity ritual, especially for couples who are looking for options others than traditional religious ceremonies.

Basically, you select a bottle of wine to seal in a box until some future date when you'll open it up like a time capsule. It could be your first anniversary or something far off. It could be anytime you have a milestone to celebrate like buying your first house or a challenge to get through like, well, buying your first house.

You can also include other meaningful items in your box such as letters to each other, photographs, and special wine glasses. The box can be something you make yourself if you're crafty. If not, there are plenty of shops online or you can adapt any box you like. Mostly, you want something with a secure latch, and something that will look good if you're going to put it on display before you fill it and seal it during the ceremony. Then, you just have to drink your wine when the time comes so be sure to pick a bottle that will age well according to your schedule.

Vino has the right wine for any occasion whether it's your wedding day or a simple dinner. Contact us to find a wine you'll love.


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