The Best Wines To Pair With Pizza

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The Best Wines To Pair With Pizza

Wine with pizza? You heard right -- if you're a wine lover, you'll exchange that cheap beer for a good glass of the red stuff anytime. Here are the bests wines to go with pizza.

Regular Pizza

Most pizzas have plenty of cheese and tomato sauce. You've got enough acid in that mixture already, so choose a wine that has a low acidity level. A  Cabernet Sauvignon or a California Zinfandel will work great.

Pepperoni Pizza

If you've got a lot of pepperoni on your pizza, you need something with strong flavors that will stand out among all the spices. Cabernet Franc is a good choice here, as is a Sangiovese. 

Meat Pizza

Are you the kind that likes your pizza topped with all sorts of meat and hamburgers? Then get a hearty red wine, such as a Shiraz or a Merlot. You can also try wines with deep fruity flavors, such as a Syrah and Pinotage. 

Vegetable Pizzas

A dry red rose wine will taste great if you have a pizza topped with all sorts of various vegetables. You can also try a Sauvignon Blanc that's been cooled off in the fridge. 

White Pizza

For those that have their pizza with no tomato sauce, a whole new host of wine options opens up. Try a Champagne or a Pinot Grigio, or get a creamy wine such as a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay.

Hawaiian Pizza

For those who like ham and pineapple on their pies, try a Riesling. Alternatively, use a sweet and fruity Zinfandel. 

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