Vino's Knowledgeable Staff Wishes You Good Wine and Paint Nights

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Vino's Knowledgeable Staff Wishes You Good Wine and Paint Nights

There's no excuse for throwing lame parties when Vino's knowledgeable staff is standing by to help make any wine and paint night a masterpiece. See how we can make your next gathering easier and more fun.

Some studios and bars sell special packages, but you can host your own event in the comfort of your home. A glass or two of wine is just what you need to relax, and let your artistic juices flow. Wine and paint nights are great for wedding and baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries, or no particular occasion.

Keep it casual. Painting can get messy so maybe you want to do this outside or take some precautions. Lay a paint cloth down on the floor, and treat it like part of the decorations. Spread brown paper over a table top to protect your furniture, and make clean up easy. Tell your guests to wear clothes they won't mind staining or have some cheap smocks on hand that they can borrow.

Design your program. You can just put out supplies and let everyone do their own thing or provide a little more structure. Hire a local artist or art student to give a brief lesson and share constructive feedback.

Drink wine. Last but not least, drink your wine. Put out a variety of styles, along with some water, soft drinks, and snacks. You could also ask your guests to bring a bottle to share.

Vino has the perfect wines for entertaining and every day. Contact us for great service and great values.


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