Wine Education and Choosing the Right Glasses at the Right Time

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Wine Education and Choosing the Right Glasses at the Right Time

One of the most important parts of wine education involves choosing the right glasses. A lot of people still believe that the variations in glass shapes are purely decorative. At the same time, many people believe that champagne must be served in flute glasses. Both of these ideas are wrong.

In fact, given the shape of flute glasses, it's very hard to do any swirling. Champagne is often served in very large glasses. Larger wine glasses can make the fragrance and flavor of the wine come alive. People will run into similar situations with all types of wine and all types of wine glasses. 

The shape of the wine glass has a huge effect on a wine drinker's overall experience. Some wine glasses will actually improve the flavor and scent of the wine. While there are some wine glasses that will more or less complement all wine types, such as the all purpose glass, there are other types of wine glasses that are very unpopular among wine experts. 

For instance, many wine experts loathe stemless wine glasses. Stemless wine glasses are very popular today, for whatever reason, but many wine experts haven't changed their views on them. When people handle stemless wine glasses, they will alter the temperature of the wine in the process. They will also tend to get fingerprints on wine glasses that should ideally be kept as clean as possible. People who love wine should have all purpose glasses on hand, and they should reconsider their use of stemless wine glasses. 

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