Wine Education and Organic Wine

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Wine Education and Organic Wine

What is organic wine?


Organic wine refers both to the way the grapes for the wine are grown and the processing method. Wine which is truly organic comes from grapes grown in conditions which are free of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. 

Additionally, organic wine is processed with a limited amount of sulfites. The regulation for organic wine is that there be fewer than 100ppm of sulfites per standard wine bottle. Most organic wines have between 40ppm and 80ppm of sulfites per bottle.


Why do people drink organic wine?


There are potentially many reasons why people prefer organic wine. Possibly, they just prefer the taste. Usually, the decision to choose organic wine falls under one of two categories:

  • Health

There are those who insist consuming organic products, in general, is better for their well-being since it is free or relatively free of pesticides and other harmful ingredients. 

Additionally, sulfites have an adverse effect on some individuals, especially those with allergy sensitivities. Sulfites used as a preservative in wine processing started hundreds of years ago. Most people are not bothered significantly by sulfites, but for some, it causes headaches, hives, rashes, hay fever type symptoms and in rare cases life-threatening allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. 

  • Environment

The health of the planet is also on the minds of many when they select organic wine. Grapes grown without chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides are naturally better for the soil and positively impact waterways and air quality. 


When to serve organic wine:


Those who have health or environmental concerns may want to choose organic wine exclusively. There are those who will select it when other allergy concerns are prevalent, such as during hay fever season. 

If you are entertaining and expecting guests who may have health concerns or passions about the environment, it is wise to have some organic wine on hand. 

Organic wine also makes a great and thoughtful gift for those with sulfite sensitivities or allergies or those with environmental interests. 


Organic wine from Vino Fine Wines:


Vino Fine Wines and Spirits has a good selection of organic wine, and they are always increasing their choices. Here are just a couple of examples of affordable and versatile organic wine:



  • Clos Floridene Graves Blancis an organic wine which hails from France. Not only does this winery follow the guidelines to make sure their grapes are grown organically, but they take their environmental commitment a step further and support equal amounts of forest area to offset their vineyards. This wine is $36 a bottle and offers a dry white or rose’ version.


For more information about organic wine contact us.


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