Wine Education and the Temperature of Different Types of Wine

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Wine Education and the Temperature of Different Types of Wine

Almost all wine enthusiasts accept that the temperature of the wine in question is very important when it comes to the overall quality of the wine and its presentation. However, there are different misconceptions today related to wine and temperature, particularly with regards to different types of wine. 

A lot of people believe that it's important to avoid serving red wine cold under any circumstances. Similarly, it's widely believed that white wine should never be served warm. However, this is certainly not necessarily the case. Some wine experts agree that white wine has often been chilled too much when it has been served and that red wine is often unnecessarily warm when it's presented to customers in restaurants. The people who want to drink chilled red wines during a warm summer are not violating some sort of fundamental rule connected to the consumption of wine. 

Certain types of red wine are actually much more flavorful when they've been chilled, such as red wines that are known for their crisp acidity. Chilling will also tend to improve the flavor of red wines made with grapes that have thin skins, and many different red wines fall into that category. 

In the case of white wine, people will sometimes chill it so much that the texture and the taste will vanish altogether. Raising the temperature of a glass of white wine by only around ten degrees can make it seem like an entirely different beverage.  

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