Wine Education: How to Choose a Wine to Go With Your Steak

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Wine Education: How to Choose a Wine to Go With Your Steak

Mmm… The smell of grilled steak fills your nostrils. Dinner's almost ready, the table is set, and all that’s left is for you to decide which wine you should take with your steak. Here are some great wines that go well with meaty grilled steak.

Cabernet Blends

Cabernet blends are bound to go well with any steak. In particular, try out Cabernet Sauvignon. This powerful wine goes well with the strong flavors, texture, and aroma of steak. The fruity flavor complements grilled steak superbly. Napa wines are also a good choice, especially for charred steaks.


Zinfandel’s high acidity goes well with fatty foods. It’s better suited for steaks and meats with sweet sauces and dried chile sauce. Get a fruit-flavored California Zinfandel for best results.


Red Bordeaux goes well with steaks that have herb spices and a rich, creamy, buttery sauce. Their moderate tannins and high acid levels cut through the fat and make both the wine and the meat taste better.


Malbec is a rich red wine that goes great with steaks, in particular with lamb steak. It’s one of the most popular red wines there, and its earthy flavors go well with smoked meat.

If you have a spicy cut of meat, you’ll want to look for something that’s not too high in alcohol or too woody. A Minervois should work well.

What you do want to avoid is low-tannin red wine and white wines with low acidity. They will feel thin and flat.

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