Wine Education: It Really is Okay to Spit Out Your Wine Sometimes

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Wine Education: It Really is Okay to Spit Out Your Wine Sometimes

Wine tastings are one of the few public occasions when there is nothing rude about spitting. Since the only comparable experiences you may have are when you're in a dentist chair with your mouth numbed, we thought you might appreciate a little wine education on how to spit with pride or at least healthy acceptance.

Where to Spit: The most discreet way to spit is probably to have your own personal cup or access to a sink with running water. You can also use any empty vessel or even a wood box, preferably with something absorbent in the bottom like sawdust.

How to Spit: Take a small to medium mouthful. Swish and hold the wine in your mouth for about 10 seconds to get a full taste. Then, purse your lips, and use the muscles in your mouth and face to spit with enough force to avoid dribbling, but not so hard that you create back splash. You can practice at home while brushing your teeth or standing over your bathtub or sink.

When to Spit: Spitting is mostly used at extensive wine tastings where you could be sampling 20 wines or many more. Keep in mind that spitting will help you to slow down the intoxication process, but you could still be consuming a significant amount of alcohol over time so don’t think it's a fool proof way to drive safely.

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