Wine Education On the Go: Air Travel with Wine

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Wine Education On the Go: Air Travel with Wine

Vino's free shipping is the easiest way to transport your wine long distance, but sometimes you might need to take your valuables on a plane yourself. Maybe you bought a case of wine on vacation or you have a special bottle you want to contribute to a last minute out-of-town dinner party.

While the rules for air travel can be complicated and frequently changing, air travel with wine is relatively easy to manage. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Check the rules. Make sure you have the latest information from the Transportation Security Administration, US Customs, and your airline. Due to the 3.4 ounce limit on liquids, you'll have to put your wine in checked baggage. Further restrictions are based on alcohol content. There's no limit on liquids with alcohol content below 24%; alcohol between 24% and 70% is limited to 5 liters, and alcohol over 70% is banned. Of course, the airline's baggage weight regulations apply too. Plus, when you're bringing wine into the US from another country for your personal use, your first liter is duty free and the rest is currently taxed at 3%.

Pack carefully. There are several things you can buy to make transporting wine safer including special padded and absorbent protective sleeves and luggage with hard sides, including some of these products designed specifically for wine. If you're willing to take a little more risk, you might succeed with just wrapping each bottle very carefully in heavy fabric like old jeans, sweaters, or blankets.

Travel can be fun, especially when you take some good wine with you. Wherever you go, remember that when you're in New York or anywhere online, you can shop for more world-class wines and spirits at Vino.


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