Bootlegger 21 New York Gin

Bootlegger 21 New York Gin

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We were inspired by the classic London dry gins that use a maceration process and a simple botanical blend. Our goal was to have a Juniper forward gin and pull complementary floral, earthy and citrus notes from the Coriander seeds, Lemon Verbena leaves, Orris Root, also known as Iris root, and bitter orange peels.

We steep our botanicals in 120 proof neutral spirit made from 100% Corn for 24 hours to produce our maceration. We then distill the gin in our 300 gallon pot still to remove all of the color and bind the flavors. The “Hearts” are captured and blended down to 94 proof for bottling.

Our gin is Gluten Free and Certified Kosher from the Orthodox Union. So when you’d like to indulge your senses in a highly refined botanical blend, give our Bootlegger 21 NY Gin a taste and let at least one of your senses have five reasons to cheer.

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