Clos Floridene Graves Blanc

Clos Floridene Graves Blanc

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Exclusively maintained by traditional plowing, the soil of our vineyard receives no herbicide.

Organic fertilizers are based on plant composts.
Trimming, trellising and leaf stripping are carried out by hand with meticulous care.

We are engaged in a process of abandoning the use of pesticides of chemical synthesis on all our vineyards.

Thus cultivated as a garden, in an orderly and preserved nature, our vines ripen early concentrated, tasty grapes, possessing the sweetness and the aromatic brilliance of the fresh fruit that we wish to find in our wines.

In order to balance our carbon footprint, we also manage a forest area equal in area to that of our vineyards.

Le Clos Floridène produces a dry white wine and a red wine of appellation Graves. Since 2004, Floridene rosé has also been produced with a great aromatic flavor.

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