Curto Marco La Foia Barolo Arborina 2008

Curto Marco La Foia Barolo Arborina 2008

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Winemaking : Nebbiolo is a late grape harvest usually takes place in October. The grapes are harvested by hand in small airy boxes, it is crushed and destemmed and fermented in rotating macerator at controlled temperature (30-32 ° C). After a maceration of about 5 days, it is decanted into stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. After aging of 4 years with 2 in French oak barrels, Barolo is bottled in the summer months without Clarifies and filtration.

Color : youth is a bright garnet red elegant with aging acquires orange reflections.

Odor : intense, ethereal, spicy with hints of wild rose petals, licorice, truffle.

Taste : Warm, austere, full, robust and at the same time velvety and elegant. As a young man is appreciated for its freshness but with some edginess, with aging the wine softens and develop the most hot and spicy tertiary aromas.

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