Lopez De Heredia Tondonia White

Lopez De Heredia Tondonia White

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Year qualified as EXCELLENT by the Rioja Regulatory Council. The absence of frost in the spring and good environmental conditions - which favored the fertilization and curing of the grapes and counteracted the harmful effects of pests that attacked the buds at the time of sprouting and dewatering - Abundant harvest. In spite of an unstable and stormy summer, this great quantity of harvest reached high levels of quality thanks to the excellent climatic conditions of a fresh and luminous October of October, which allowed us to carry out the work of harvesting in a comfortable and stepped way , Incubating each of the varieties at their seasoning point, ripe and balanced without endangering at any time the perfect sanitary condition of the grapes.

Tasting note:Color:

Natural gold, developed.

Nose: Fresh, complex and developed.

Taste: Smooth, round, fine and developed.

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