Macallan 12yr Double Cask Scotch

Macallan 12yr Double Cask Scotch

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The delicate flavor of American oak – vanilla, citrus and light oak – rises in prominence as the traditional Macallan European oak character of dried fruit, sherry and wood spice affords a familiar back drop.

The result is a fresh and approachable style of Macallan, rich in flavor, honeyed and indulgent, with a full, viscous mouth feel.

Suitable for all occasions, Double Cask 12 years old will appeal to existing and new Macallan drinkers alike.


Harvest Sun


Creamy butterscotch, toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard, and fresh oak

Oak lingers, warm,
sweet and drying


Wood spices (ginger and nutmeg)
citrus, caramel, raisins and resinous

43% ABV

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