Memorias Cabernet/Carmenere

Memorias Cabernet/Carmenere

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Memories was created in 1999, in homage to four centuries of written history since the Picunches, native town of the lands where our vineyards grow today, received the Spanish conquerors giving origin to a totally new culture.

The symbol of Memories is the "spiral of life" which represents the circle of life understood as the permanent movement generated by experiences. This symbol is present in all ancient civilizations and represents evolution and constant development.

Likewise, Memories is an assembly of a perfect balance between structure and balance and whose complexity increases with each year of evolution in the bottle. Carefully prepared to preserve the intensity and freshness of its fruit, this blend based on Cabernet Sauvignon includes different percentages of other French varieties: Petit Verdot to increase its acidity and freshness; Syrah for its spicy notes; Carmenere for the intensity of color, red fruit and round tannins; And Cabernet Franc for its intense flavors and aromas. The resulting wine is fresh, with delicate layers of soft tannins-an assembly that faithfully expresses the unique terroir of Alto Maipo.

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