Moraima Albarino

Moraima Albarino

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The winemaking process of Moraima starts at the vineyard. Once the optimal grape maturity has been reached, we go to the plots of the older vines, which are harvested by hand following our tradition. The grape clusters are also handpicked and stored in low capacity cases in order to maintain the grapes in good condition.

Once in the winery, the stems are removed from the grape cluster, which causes a small tear on the grape skin, which allows the must to partially squeeze out. The subsequent maceration takes 7 hours, at a temperature of 6ºC. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out at a constant temperature of 16ºC for 14 days. After this, the wine ages on its lees for four months and rests up until the optimal bottling time, not prior to the month of May in the following year.

Moraima appears to the eye as a yellow wine with a steely shade and green hints, clean and brilliant. With a remarkably high olfactory intensity, with great aromatic complexity and marked by the aromas of ripe stone fruit and white flowers. Balanced and with a slight acidity, good structure in the mouth; unctuous and persistent. Very fruity aftertaste, long and flavoursome

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