Wild Moon Rose Liqueur

Wild Moon Rose Liqueur

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The rose is the quintessential symbol of love, so why not love yourself and add a little rose to your cocktail?  In addition to its intense aroma and striking appearance, rose hips are known to have several health benefits when ingested.

What are “rose hips?”  The rose hip is the section of the flower that contains the seeds at the base of the petals.  This contains a large amount of vitamin C and citric acids, though drying and storing has been known to diminish the potency.  These vitamins help to prevent infections and reduce cold symptoms, and rid the body of toxins, which is achieved by improved waste elimination through the kidneys.  It has been known to help with digestion, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also mood disorders.  And ladies, rose hips have also been known to aid with irregular and heavy periods and infertility.

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