Coravin Now at Vino Fine Wine and Spirits!



Wine & Liquor Store in New York, NY

NEW AND EXPANDED SELECTION  The rosés are a bloomin’ and the bubblies are a poppin’. At  Vino Fine Wine and Spirits a fresh breath of air has breezed in all the way from places like Spain, New Zealand, France, California, and even Uruguay (to name a few).

That’s right wine lovers! In addition to our Italian selections, your favorite top shop for Italy’s finest has now grown to include wines from all AROUND THE GLOBE. With a focus on small producers and different grape varietals, Vino is now a treasure trove of hidden gems mixed in with some traditional favorites.



And not to worry you buyers-on-a-budget, you can pick up your dress-to-impress Friday night specials OR your Monday night take-out sippers from our VAST selection of wines for under $20 - all hand selected and tasted by Vino’s knowledgeable staff.



And why stop with wine? We’re continuing to bring in small-batch bourbons, scotch whiskys, vodkas, gins, tequilas, and aged rums. CHEERS!



Every Thursday AND Friday (5:30pm-8:30 pm)

There’s no better way to shop for wine than with a glass in hand! Fill your glass every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Vino with our featured wines of the night. Hear about these wines directly from the wine makers, producers, and reps themselves and learn a little something while you sip.   


Check our Facebook or Twitter for weekly tastings details.

Remember, drinking wine is a five-sense experience. Therefore, shopping for wine shouldn’t be any different. That’s why, at the NEW Vino, it’s ALL about the experience. Stop by and share that experience with us.